Tursac – Les Eyzies

A short half-day trip which gets to the essence of the Vézère spirit


This part of the Vézère is one of the calmest sections of the river where the omnipresent feeling of nature feels timeless.

Embark at the Tursac nautical stop. At the beginning of your journey, you’ll notice a number of cluzeau (small shelters carved into the rock), as well as the Marzac Castle on its camouflaged rocky outcrop. After the Cingle (a very tight bend) where the cliff almost swallows you up, you’ll glide past the Madeleine, a troglodyte village complete with castle, chapel and dwellings. A few paddle-strokes further downstream brings you to the majestic site of «The End of the World» where you can navigate beneath the majestic “7 Brother Cliff”. Finally, the magnificent last leg brings you to the Eyzies with the prehistorical sites of Laugerie, the “Grand Roc” Cave, the “Gorge d’Enfer” and the Tayac Fort all carved into the cliffs. We’ll be waiting at the arrival slipway at base camp to help you disembark and to share in your impressions.